martedì 26 aprile 2011

Icons: Anna Dello Russo

First: Anna Dello Russo does not follow any style, Anna Dello Russo IS A STYLE.

Needless to quote her biography once again, we all know everything of her, but if you want a refresh just check here: ADR Bio in Wikipedia
or visit her web-site: ADR Official Web

I prefer to talk of feelings.
When I think of her, the first word that comes up to my mind is "baroque", followed by "gold"... then I  see flashes of  vivid colours, yellow, orange and red in their brightest hues.
Then strong shapes come to my mind: bold and pointed shoulders, big skirts, sharp pants, brocade tuxedos... all mixed together with excessess of any kind: feathers, glitter, lace, leather, precious metals & stones, gems, prints...
I must admit that baroque and excessess are not exactly my stuff, but she is just  like no other and I simply adore her!
Here to follow a gallery of the outfits I mostly loved, plus a video to get deeper into the magic of her world (and of her closet!)

In Dolce e Gabbana
In Dolce e Gabbana
In Dolce e Gabbana

In Celine

In Jason Wu
In Dolce e Gabbana

Pics for El Pais by Giampaolo Sgura

Unusual Black and White

On the Cover of 10 Magazine wearing a Balmain dress and Giuseppe Zanotti shoes

In Lanvin

In Lanvin

In Emporio Armani with Alexander McQueen clutch and Prada stole

In Miu Miu

In Balmain brocade suit and Miu Miu clutch

Baroque at the top

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