venerdì 8 aprile 2011

N°21: Alessandro Dell'Acqua New Hit

Last Summer I was so impressed by watching the new collection by Alessandro Dell'Acqua for Fall'10.
I immediately fell desperately in love with the perfect shape of the dresses, the mix of nude with brigth bold colours, and the use of the lace.  The result was a kind of bon-ton young lady, looking sexy but still classy and chic. 
N° 21 Spring '11 collection is a hit for me again, with a lot of white, red and blue mixes and the lovely, perfect small dresses that will make us ready for an eve out, just straight from the office. We definitely need at least one piece by N° 21...

6 commenti:

  1. Ah i'm dying! This is exactly what I would love to wear <3 especially the navy and also the white outfit!


  2. this is great!

  3. Great collection!
    I love the 3rd picture :)

  4. Que colección tan bonita!!! Me encanta!!